A Worthwhile Review of My Book by Lindsay Kennedy

Lindsay Kennedy over at My Digital Seminary has provided a worthwhile review of my recent work. I look forward to answering his concerns in an upcoming blog post.

Review: Jew and Gentile Reconciled by Bryan E. Lewis

2 Comments on "A Worthwhile Review of My Book by Lindsay Kennedy"

  1. Hi Bryan, thank you for posting about my review. I’m glad that you read it and honoured that you would take the time to engage with this humble reviewer. I very much look forward to reading your response.

    Despite my critique, I really enjoyed the book and am fascinated by the proposal. I ran across a similar argument for Ephesians 2 using Ezekiel 37 and I suspect you would read it similarly?


    1. Lindsay,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and for the review. I look forward to posting some brief thoughts toward the end of this week (covered up until then).

      Bryan E. Lewis


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